Marcus Fenix Roadie Runs along in new Gears of War 4 gameplay video

Gears of War 4

Old man Fenix is coming along for the ride in at least a part of your journey in Gears of War 4. Though it looks like he won’t be playable, he’ll be tagging along with his son and crew. 

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The new gameplay video shows Gears of War doing Gears of War. It all starts off with a slow walk and a chat, but it’s not long before a storm rudely interrupts you, along with a swarm of bad guys that need blowing into chunks.

the team moves quickly between squelchy, organic, destructible cover while laying waste to the enemy as the storm threatens to hit harder in the background.

The most impressive thing from the sequence is the reactive environment – the way the wind blows debris across the battlefield looks great and you can fire at points to dislodge large debris and take out the bad guys in a red smear.

The wind even affects your sawblades, allowing you to arc them around corners. Did I mention that Marcus Fenix is there?

Here’s the trailer: