Gears of War might be coming back, based on Microsoft listing

Gears of War, the iconic co-op game made famous by Epic, is due a return, with a Microsoft and Coalition job listing offering hope of the PC shooter’s comeback.

Gears of War might be coming back, based on Microsoft listing: A grizzled soldier with a grey beard and a bandana, Marcus Fenix from Gears of War

It’s been a pretty long time since we last heard from Gears of War. But a new job listing from publisher Microsoft and developer The Coalition, which took the GoW reins from Epic Games back in 2014, offers hope of a return for Marcus Fenix and crew, and potentially the long-rumoured Gears of War 6. One of the greatest co-op games ever, and a stalwart PC shooter back in the day, maybe, just maybe, it’s time for Gears of War to re-emerge.

A job listing from February 28 advertises specifically for a “senior gameplay designer – Gears of War,” with fuller details of the position offering further hints that GoW could be making a return. The job listing also specifically mentions Gears of War, and says that The Coalition is searching for someone who will help “forge the future of the IP.”

“The Coalition is a Microsoft first-party development studio located in Vancouver, Canada,” the listing says. “We are the official home of the Gears of War franchise, and our objective is to forge the future of the IP and push the limits of Microsoft’s entertainment platforms and devices.”

Though Gears of War is not mentioned anywhere further in the listing, The Coalition says it is looking for a “gameplay designer to help create triple-A game experiences.”

Gears of War might be coming back, based on Microsoft listing: Two soldiers in giant armour share a fist bump on the battlefield in co-op game Gears of War

Though the studio’s most-recent project is the Unreal Engine 5 technology demo The Matrix Awakens, The Coalition is named in honour of Gears of War and serves as the series’ dedicated creator, similar to with 343 Industries and Halo. If it is truly working on a new triple-A game, in all likelihood, this will be related to GoW.

Whether we might see a fully-fledged Gears of War 6, or potentially a remake of the original game (remakes do seem popular these days) is uncertain. Either way, a return of GoW would be very welcome.

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