Where is Ulman in Genshin Impact?

Where to find Ulman and start the Lost Riches event

Wondering where Ulman is in Genshin Impact? There’s a new limited-time treasure-hunting event called Lost Riches which sees you hunt down Iron Coins. In order to participate in this event, you must fulfil a couple of prerequisites; firstly, you must have reached Adventure Rank 20 or above, and also have completed Prologue: Act I “The Outlander Who Caught the Wind”. If you’re looking for ways to boost your Adventure Rank quickly, check out our Genshin Impact leveling guide.

The Lost Riches event tasks you with seeking out and acquiring Iron Coins buried throughout the land of Teyvat. In order to do this, Ulman will give you a Treasure Book, and a special Treasure-Seeking Seelie, to help you track down where these coins are located. The book will provide you with Treasure Clues – sections of the world map with a particular region circled – and once you head over to the highlighted region, your Seelie buddy will guide the way to the hidden coins.

Once acquired, these Iron Coins can be traded in for various rewards – but the main prize, for a princely sum of 280 coins, is an exclusive Mini Seelie pet to accompany you on your adventures. There are three types of Mini Seelie available to buy – Dayflower, Rosé, and Curcuma – but you can only redeem one of them, so choose carefully. The Lost Riches event quest will last for ten days starting January 8 and finishing January 18.

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How to find Ulman in Genshin Impact

Ulman, the new NPC who will start the Lost Riches event – and who you’ll trade your Iron Coins with – will be located at Stone Gate in Bishui Plain, Liyue. As MonkeyKingHero demonstrates above, there’s a teleport waypoint that takes you straight there – Ulman is right there when you arrive, ready to get you started.