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Get your wallet out: BlizzCon 2014 tickets go on sale at 4AM CEST

BlizzCon ticket

Thinking of going to BlizzCon this year? It might seem like a long way off, starting on November 7th and finishing the next day, but the first batch of tickets are going on sale tomorrow, at 4AM CEST.

Tickets aren’t cheap, though. The convention pass will set you back $199, plus taxes and fees. That’s a lot for a 2 day event, especially when you can get a four day pass to PAX Prime for $110. But if BlizzCon 2014 is anything like last year, then it may very well be worth it. 

If you don’t manage to nab a ticket tomorrow (or tonight, depending on your time zone) then all is not lost. To give people a solid chance to pick one up, Blizzard is putting them up in batches. A second batch will go up on Saturday at 7PM CEST.

Additional tickets will also be for sale for those wanting to attend the pre-BlizzCon charity dinner to aid Children’s Hospital of Orange County. They’ll be for sale come May 15th, at 4AM CEST. That’ll cost you $750 and includes access to BlizzCon as well as the dinner and the good feeling that comes with being charitable.

If you can’t make the event because you’re skint (like me) and too far away (also like me) then you might want to pick up a virtual ticket. Blizzard’s not revealed the price yet, but promises further details at a later date.

So, any of you lovely lot ready to splash out in six hours?