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Ghost of Tsushima fixes frustrating standoff bug with new PC hotfix

A hotfix for Ghost of Tsushima on PC has sorted an annoying bug which was preventing players from using the game's standoff feature.

A character in Ghost of Tsushima

The recent PC port for Ghost of Tsushima has received plenty of praise from critics and fans alike, with our own reviewer labeling it a “masterclass” in open-world design. Even the best games occasionally need a little love and attention post-release now and then, which is why a hotfix has been issued for the samurai game to address a frustrating standoff bug that’s been reported by players since launch.

The hotfix, released on Steam and the Epic Games Store on May 29, specifically targets a Ghost of Tsushima bug which left PC players unable to use the standoff feature when playing at high frame rates. I’ve seen quite a few people talking about this bug on Reddit and the official Steam page for the open-world game, so I’m sure they’ll be relieved there’s now a fix for it.

Describing the issue on the game’s subreddit recently, u/Neatokeato writes that “it happens about 1/3 of the time on standoffs for me. I just have to stand there and take the hit, hopefully not die, and try to heal myself before they hit me again. It really sucks because standoffs are such a big part of the game, but I’ve started avoiding them.”

With the release of this hotfix, the standoff bug will hopefully bother players no more. Perhaps more significantly, the announcement goes on to say there is a “larger update with more improvements and bug fixes” in the works, so we can probably expect that to drop at some point in the near future.

A tweet detailing the latest Ghost of Tsushima hotfix

This hotfix comes just a day after Patch 2 was released for the game on May 28. That update was intended to improve stability for AMD Radeon GPUs and add “various improvements” to co-op multiplayer stability and matchmaking in Legends mode. Considering the game hasn’t been out on PC for long, it’s good to see the developer dealing with bugs pretty swiftly.

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