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Ghost Recon Breakpoint endgame: what to expect post-launch

From four-player raids to customisable character builds for PvP, here’s everything to expect after you finish Breakpoint

ghost recon breakpoint endgame

What awaits you when you reach the Ghost Recon Breakpoint endgame? Stories often provide us with a welcome introduction to a game like Breakpoint – but let’s face it, it’s the endgame power fantasy and post-launch content that keeps around for months after the credits roll.

It’s a trend we’ve come to expect from most shooters these days, especially ones with a looting component. Games like Destiny 2 and The Division 2 don’t end when their stories wrap. Rather, the grind to be raid-ready or unlock the best gear begins. It’s unsurprising, then, that Ubisoft is following suit and launching with endgame activities to keep us grinding after the Ghost Recon Breakpoint campaign ends, alongside a bevvy of new gameplay features.

There’s not a huge amount of detail on these activities at the time of writing, but we have a basic outline of what we can expect from Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s endgame content from its first year of post-release activity schedule. We’ll go over everything we know throughout this guide, so read on to find out what Ghost Recon Breakpoint endgame content is in store for Year 1.

Our post-launch cycle begins with Operation Greenstone, and we’ll get more episodes like it every four months after we’re done. Each one of these additions features new content such as Ghost Recon Breakpoint raids, adventures, and other updates, faction missions, and PvP updates. For a more detailed breakdown, read on:

Endgame content

Every episode will introduce a new form of activity. For now, we can look forward to the Project Titan Raid – tasking players with exploring an active volcano on a new island in the Auroa archipelago. To make it through, you’ll need to complete four-player co-op challenges.

Faction missions

Factions in Ghost Recon Breakpoint evolve over time, and you’ll witness that evolution through new narrative story missions that bring context as well as character development to the people who make up these groups. These missions are available daily, giving you ample opportunity to support your Faction of choice. They’ll keep players busy after completing the main campaign, but we’re hoping they’ll be some endgame goals and gains tied to faction missions.


Fans of Ghost Recon PvP will have plenty of gear pieces to toy around with to create game-breaking builds. More classes will come in time, too. First up is the Engineer, which specialises in hacking, and there will be two more after that.

Live Events

These events feature VIPs that will help you tackle new threats. Expect these to be introduced with the launch of each episode, and to last a month a pop. Our guess is that these will feature other characters from other Tom Clancy games, much like Wildlands did with Siege characters post-launch.

PvP Updates

Alongside new Classes to try, you can also expect new map areas and balance changes to shift the meta in PvP.

Other content

In addition to all of this, there will also be new missions, activities, and unlockables to come with every new episode.

And there you have it, everything that makes up Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s endgame. If you’re more into the PvE side of things, there’ll be plenty of raids for you to corral your buddies into playing.

If you’re more into player-on-player action, though, then the game’s PvP component promises to bring an ever-shifting meta with oodles of player builds to try out.