Ghost Recon Wildlands gets another year of free content, starting next week


Ubisoft have announced Ghost Recon Wildlands is getting another year of free content, starting next week.

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Ghost Recon Wildlands has entered Year Two, a year which will see the release of four major updates called Special Operations. According to Ubisoft, each Special Operation will be built around a strong theme, include new PvE experiences, new Ghost War PvP updates, and community-requested features.

The first Special Operation will release next week. This first major update will add the community-requested ability to customise teammates’ outfits in PvE mode – so you can make sure the whole squad’s threads are on-point.

ghost recons wildlands pvp trailer

A new mode is also being added to Ghost War – sabotage. In sabotage, your team must capture, and hold, an objective before the time runs out. This new mode will also release with five new mode-specific maps, and a new PvP class (one of six coming in Year Two).

Special Operation One will also include a new PvE mission, and theme.

A new Year Two pass is now available. The pass features all Year Two Ghost War classes, a new customisation pack, and eight battle crates.

Special Operation One will release on April 10.