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Ghostrunner 2 system requirements

The Ghostrunner 2 PC specs don’t demand a lot from your rig, but you may need to upgrade your OS for the ultimate cyberpunk ninja experience.

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What are the Ghostrunner 2 system requirements? You don’t need high-powered hardware to take on the Ghostrunner 2 specs, as the hardcore FPP cyberpunk slasher is capable of running on some older hardware. However, if you want to save the population of the Cybervoid in style, upgrading your rig will make sure you can focus your attention on slashing through enemies with your katana, instead of being distracted by low frame rates.

Here are the Ghostrunner 2 system requirements:

Minimum Recommended
OS Windows 10 64-bit Windows 11 64-bit
CPU Intel Core i5-4590
AMD FX-8350
Intel Core i9-9900k
AMD Ryzen 5600X
GPU GeForce GTX 960
Radeon RX 480
GeForce RTX 2070 Super
Radeon RX 6800 XT
Storage 65GB 65GB

Even post-apocalyptic PC gaming setups won’t struggle to hit the Ghostrunner 2 minimum requirements, which ask for a GeForce GTX 960, or an AMD Radeon RX 480 graphics card. 505 Games suggests pairing either of those GPUs with an Intel Core i5-4590 or AMD FX-8350 processor, and at least 8GB of RAM. If you still haven’t made the upgrade to Windows 11, Windows 10 will run Ghostrunner 2 without any issues, but Windows 11 is a recommended option for the next step up.

To meet the Ghostrunner 2 recommended specs, you’ll need at least the power of a GeForce RTX 2070 Super or a Radeon RX 6800 XT graphics card as part of your setup. These GPUs are significantly more powerful than those in the minimum requirements, showing that there’s a definite benefit of having decent graphics hardware for Ghostrunner 2, including ray tracing support for realistic lighting. These graphics cards will need to be paired with an Intel Core i9-9900K or AMD Ryzen 5600X processor, and while they aren’t the best gaming CPUs right now, they’ll still have enough power to facilitate your cyberpunk ninja endeavors.

While the recommended specs aren’t as demanding as many other modern games, you will need 16GB of RAM, which is double that of the minimum specs. You will also need to upgrade to the most recent Windows OS, Windows 11, which Windows 10 users are still able to do for free. Our how to install Windows 11 guide can help get you started if you haven’t yet made the upgrade.

When it comes to the Ghostrunner 2 size requirements, this hardcore FPP slasher only asks for 64GB, which doesn’t demand too much storage space compared to a lot of modern PC games. While neither 505 Games nor Valve mentions the requirement for a solid-state drive, it is stated that the Ghostrunner 2 system requirements are “subject to change.” Ensuring you have one of the best SSDs for gaming will help prepare you for any storage system requirement changes, and help future-proof your rig.

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