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Abandoned MOBA and shooter hybrid returns with new edition on Steam

Gigantic, the MOBA and shooter mash up whose servers shut down in 2018, has returned with a new edition that's launched today on Steam.

Abandoned MOBA returns with Steam launch: A cartoon woman in a blue cloak, from Gigantic.

When a multiplayer game’s servers are shut down, that’s usually the last we ever hear from it. Because of this, we assumed that Gigantic, which blended the hero shooter approach of a game like Overwatch with MOBA design reminiscent of League of Legends or Dota 2, was gone forever when its servers went quiet in 2018, about a year after its launch. This hasn’t turned out to be the case. Gigantic has now come out once again through a new premium version, Gigantic: Rampage Edition, which has just landed on Steam.

The biggest change that’s come to the multiplayer game is that Gigantic is no longer free to play. With its Steam relaunch, the MOBA has refined and added in plenty of features, but it will now come with an up front price tag. This is likely a good thing. Gigantic: Rampage Edition includes, per its Steam description, “everything from the original Gigantic and more,” which means it now hosts new heroes, maps, and game modes. The last of these, called Rush, is meant to streamline the experience and give new players a good entry point to the game.

Gigantic has also been reworked slightly, which is probably to be expected in the many years since we last saw it, and now features cross platform matchmaking — welcome news for anyone worried about the long term health of its player count. Rampage Edition will be supported beyond its launch, too, with free updates like character skins and a Ranked Mode coming in the future.

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Gigantic: Rampage Edition is discounted by 20% on Steam, making it $15.99 USD / £13.59 from now until April 16 to celebrate its relaunch. Grab a copy right here.

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