Goat Simulator 3 Imperial Mausoleum quest guide

A complete walkthrough for the Goat Simulator 3 Imperial Mausoleum quest, as sci-fi history is the clue to solving the cemetery-based bell puzzle

Goat Simulator 3 Imperial Mausoleum quest: Pridesabre

The Goat Simulator 3 Imperial Mausoleum quest is one of many missions with vague descriptions that can be hard to decipher, but decoding them is essential if you want the useful gear they offer as a reward. This guide will help you skip past all the confusion of the Brumehill Cemetery quest ‘Imperial Mausoleum’ and lead you directly to the treasure that you’re looking for.

Completing the Goat Simulator 3 Imperial Mausoleum quest involves Star Wars’ iconic Imperial March tune, but if you’re not familiar with the decades-old soundtrack for the Sith, you’ll struggle to complete Imperial Mausoleum. So we’re here to help in this novelty contender for one of the best PC games.

Goat Simulator 3 Imperial Mausoleum quest: The bells in the tower

Where to find the Imperial Mausoleum quest

After pairing with the Goat Tower located at the start point of the game, the player’s map will clear up, revealing all of the available quests. These are denoted on the map by a question mark symbol. It’s worth noting that secret quests will not appear this way – these are found by exploration and traversal alone.

The easiest access to Brumehill Cemetery can be found after syncing with the second Goat Tower in Suburbsville. Warp to the Suburbsville Goat Tower and follow the road on the map south. Here you will find the entrance to the Cemetery. Following that road will take you uphill to the location of the quest. You’ll know you’ve found the cemetery due to the greyscale visual effect and mist; if the environment is reflecting that, you’re in the right place. At the gates of the cemetery, you will find a large house to the right of the entrance, a multilevel graveyard in the centre, and two sealed mausoleums to the left.

To progress the Imperial Mausoleum questline, take a right to the side of the church-like building and climb its right outer wall using the ladder provided.

Once at the top of the church building, you will find a small bell tower with three bells inside. This should activate the mission ‘Imperial Mausoleum’ with the subheading ‘Use the force to play a march.’

Goat Simulator 3 Imperial Mausoleum quest: Quest complete screen

How to complete the Imperial Mausoleum quest

This tower features three bells of varying sizes on the left, centre and right walls. The largest bell to the left will provide the deepest sound, the mid-sized bell at the centre wall will make a middling sound, and the smaller bell on the right will make the highest sound. You’ll need to headbutt the bells to create a sequence that will complete the mission.

The hint for this puzzle lies in its name – specifically the word Imperial. Those familiar with Star Wars might recognise while headbutting the bells that the tones could recreate Darth Vader’s Imperial March! To unlock the prize and complete the mission, you must play that tune with the bells provided. The order of bells to hit to create that tune is:

  • Middle + Middle + Middle + Left + Right + Middle + Left + Right + Middle

Once this tune is played, the quest will be complete, and the location of the prize will reveal itself.

After successfully playing Darth Vader’s tune for all the mourners to hear, the door to one of the sealed mausoleums across the graveyard will open. Inside is a souped-up version of Darth Maul’s two-sided lightsaber. Jump off the roof and head across the graveyard to the building to pick up the Pridesabre 2.0.

You can activate the Pridesabre by pressing the ability button. Not one, not three, but six beams will protrude, ready to cause mayhem and disorder! Now you have the Pridesabre, why not check out our list of the other best open world games, or potentially this guide completing the Goat Simulator 3 Bigfoot Sighted is what you’re after. Alternatively, we’ve got a guide to the Goat Simulator 3 Curator quest too, which sees you go hunting for street art locations.