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XCOM 2 meets Darkest Dungeon in new goblin strategy game, out now

Goblin Stone draws on a variety of inspirations, like XCOM 2, Darkest Dungeon, Fallout Shelter, and Hearthstone, and is out now on Steam.

Goblin Stone Steam strategy game: A little goblin from strategy game Goblin Stone

When we had a chance to get a pre-release look at Goblin Stone, a turn-based strategy game that puts a less menacing spin on genre favorites like XCOM 2, Darkest Dungeon, and Fallout Shelter, it won us over with a clever, unique synthesis of its inspirations and a wonderful hand-drawn art style. Now, anyone who was intrigued by the prospect of taking on the role of these unfairly maligned fantasy monsters for themselves can finally get their claws on the game and see what grabbed our attention. Goblin Stone has just launched on Steam, and it’s currently discounted by 10% in celebration.

Goblin Stone is a reversal of typical fantasy game roles that puts the player in charge of managing a society of the typically reviled storybook monsters. This involves not just Fallout Shelter and XCOM style base building and maintenance but also engaging in turn-based combat fought with cards while adventuring across a beautifully rendered, procedurally generated world.

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Players also have to keep their community going by breeding new goblins, which is especially important considering the perils of their world and the fact that the nasty adventurers out to take down the monsters’ colony will permanently kill off characters when fights don’t go in the player’s favor. Check out our full Goblin Stone preview if you want more analysis.

Goblin Stone is out now and 10% off on Steam ($22.49 / £18.89). Grab it right here.

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