God Mode launch trailer marks game’s Steam release


Four-player co-op shooter God Mode has released on Steam, this special occasion’s been marked with a new trailer showing off frenetic hordes of evil-killing action.

Looks like a gloriously shallow experience.

God Mode doesn’t seem to have any delusions of grandeur. It’s about shooting lots of demons, big and small, with lots of guns, big and small, until either your or they fall over dead. There’s nothing wrong with having clear, simple aims and if God Mode has the gunfeel nailed then it could be an excellent way to spend £7.

It’s great that God Mode doesn’t come wrapped up in an eight-hour story mode riddled with cutscenes, escort missions, and painfully unfunny sidekicks (that said, I still stand by my wish to punch the immortal our of the game’s narrator). Too many games seem to miss the brilliance that can be captured by perfecting mechanics rather than covering up game faults with story.

You can pick up God Mode on Steam.