This God of War gaming PC seemingly lost a fight with Kratos

A custom gaming PC modder has conjured up a God of War themed system, and it features Kratos' legendary axe lodged on top of its case

Kratos from God of War standing in front of custom gaming PC

Gaming PC mods often pay tribute to fan favourite games, and this God of War rig goes that one step further. The custom powerhouse packs one of the best graphics card options around, but the added leviathan axe wound on top suggests it got on the wrong side of Kratos.

Reddit user modLab_official – a gaming PC modder that operates under the name Italian Extreme Modder – has uploaded a series of images showing off the God of War-themed system. The rig itself features an X570 Aorus Elite motherboard, AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D CPU, and an AMD Radeon X 6700 XT graphics card, all inside a Cooler Master Cosmos C700M tower that’s been customised to make the bottom of the case look like a leather wrist bracer.

Side view of custom God of War gaming PC with axe on top

To really sell the God of War imagery – aside from the aforementioned buried hatchet – the case has been given a custom red and grey paint job, with the GPU sporting Kratos’ distinctive white make-up and red stripe going from top to bottom. Put it this way, if you’re a longstanding fan of the mythical series, you’ll likely think this is one of the best gaming PC builds out there.

Looking at the Italian Extreme Modders website, it’s clear the company is more than accustomed to building a gaming PC or two, with the examples on display looking pretty magnificent. From an Iron Man rig armed with Tony Stark’s heart arc (heark?) reactor core to an appropriately painted Joker-themed PC, the creator’s builds stand out from the crowd.

The God of War system sadly isn’t available to buy right now, but there’s a chance it’ll show up on the website soon. In any case, it’s a pretty spiffing design. Building a custom system – such as the MASH gaming PC that celebrates 50 years of the hit US show – is a time sink, so being able to purchase a pre-made one is certainly a viable option, and a good one at that given the quality of what IEM is putting out.