Nier Automata’s 2B gets new costumes for X-rated anime crossover

Nier Automata’s 2B is coming to the often-explicit anime game Goddess of Victory Nikke, and her new costumes, as well as those for A2, have just been unveiled.

Nier Automata’s 2B remains one of the most distinctive and beloved videogame protagonists ever. In the six years since Yoko Taro’s literary RPG first released, it’s no surprise that 2B – and the other members of Yorha – have become so popular. Previously, we had confirmation that Goddess of Victory: Nikke, renowned for its – among other things – infamous TV commercial, was introducing 2B as part of a new crossover. Now, we have the first glimpses of the Nier character as she appears in the anime game. The Goddess of Victory: Nikke 2B costumes are here.

2B will appear in Goddess of Victory: Nikke in a costume close to her original look in Nier Automata. She’s a Defender type who uses an assault rifle and has a burst skill with a cooldown of 40 seconds. Shift Up says however that “there is a possibility that the skills may be changed in the future.”

Another outfit, ‘Metamorphic Damage,’ can be unlocked by completing event mission challenges linked to the Yorha pass. You can see this 2B outfit below:

Goddess of Victory 2B costumes: A breakdown of the abilities for Nier Automata's 2B in anime game Goddess of Victory Nikke

As part of the Goddess of Victory: Nikke crossover, however, Shift Up has created original outfits for both 2B and her Yorha compadre A2. 2B’s outfit is obtained through standard gacha, and you can see it, fully animated, in the below trailer.

YouTube Thumbnail

A2’s original outfit is obtained by reaching level ten of the premium Yorha pass, Like 2B, A2 will also have an outfit that is more consistent with her appearance in Nier Automata. You can see the original outfit, made for Goddess of Victory: Nikke, here:

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The Goddess of Victory: Nikke and Nier Automata crossover will launch on Friday, September 1. Pascal, the robotic ‘machine lifeform’ and occasional playable character will also be coming to Nikke as part of the collaboration.

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