Godfall weapons guide: everything we know about weapon classes

Valorplates, Dual Blades, Warhammers, and more are coming to the action game

godfall Valorplates

Thanks to a haul of recent reveals, we now know a great deal more about the myriad Godfall weapons we’ll be hacking, slashing, and looting when the Godfall release date rolls around. Godfall might just be the futuristic-medieval combination of your dreams. Space knights anyone? And although we can certainly imagine a laser beam or two in the world created by Counterplay Games, the combat in Godfall revolves around melee, which means destroying your enemies up close.

So far we’ve been told that there will be five weapon types you can use when the game lands: the Longsword, the Dual Blades, the Polearm, the Two-Handed Warhammer, and the Two-handed Greatsword. Each will have a variety of moves, unique to the weapon type, and each weapon will have a preferable combat situation.

At its base, all the weapons are about running at enemies and flailing wildly in their direction, but each weapon class will let you flail a little differently each time. Combined with the all-important shield mechanics and Valorplates that come into play, we’re sure that the combat will be nuanced enough for beautiful choreography, with a sprinkle of button mashing included.

What weapons are in Godfall?

  • Longsword
  • Dual Blades
  • Polearm
  • Two-Handed Warhammer
  • Two-handed Greatsword
  • Shield
  • Valorplates

Right now we’ve only been taken through what the Dual Blades and the Longswords can do, with a little insight into Shields, so we can’t explain all the weapons on the list.

Dual Blades

Dual Blades are apparently the fastest weapons within Godfall. Mostly utilised against unarmoured and ‘soft’ enemies, these two swords don’t do as much damage as any of the heavier weapons but are swift and should be great to take out squishies. If you’re up against a harder enemy, though, the Dual Blades have a heavy attack called Blade Cyclone, which sounds suitably painful.

Another Dual Blades ability is Inner Focus which, when unleashed, releases a lot of damage on enemies in a short period of time. There’s also a move called Mortal Coil, which turns the Dual Blades into a ‘pulling cable’ that drags enemies towards you.

Godfall gameplay


Longswords might be the weapon you imagine when you think of medieval fighting styles, and according to the devs, they are “balanced weapons, embodying crisp damage and simple cooldowns without needing a lot of elaborate combo setups”.

They will have their own set of light attacks and a heavy attack finisher, like the Dual Blades, but Longswords will also have their own special abilities. First, there is Spectral Flurry which is an uninterruptable attack that does damage to a group of targets within its area of effect. Second, Longswords have Spiral Technique which destroys enemies in a straight path with a devastating lunge.

Finally, Longswords get a Timing Attack which, when pressed at the correct moment, performs a Shield Uppercut on an opponent – a great finishing move.


You won’t just encounter weapons in your time in Godfall, there will be shields too. Although the developers stress that aggressive plays are the best move, you’ll occasionally need a little defence here and there, no?

The shield will allow you to block incoming attacks and parry them if you time it right. If your shield block is at the last second, a counterattack will activate as your enemy is caught off guard, dealing bonus damage.

Now for the bit, we’re excited about: as the shield can get a little Captain America, basically you can throw it at enemies and it will bounce back to you. Press the shield button at the right microsecond and you’ll perform a Wave Attack which will knock adversaries backwards.

Double-tap the shield button to petrify enemies, freezing them in place, and there’s even an option to perform a finishing move with your shield too.

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In a Gamescom interview, game director Keith Lee describes Valorplates as “weapon platforms for your character”. As you play you’ll be able to craft Valorplates with individual traits that will be active or passive.

To craft Valorplates you’ll need to collect Valorplate cores as you travel through the worlds of Aperion. In total there are 12 Valorplates to collect, including the one you start with (a nice freebie). Valorplate construction will also require some additional resources which will be dropped from enemies or situations you encounter, so get ready to go hunting.

There are also types of Valorplates to be aware of, from Balanced (hybrid) Valorplates to Specialised Valorplates and then Exotic Valorplates, too – what loot game what be complete without exotics. Each will have a different function to the way you play Godfall, such as improving the DPS output of your character or making them tankier for co-op purposes.

Valorplates will also determine what Archon ability you activate. Archon abilities are like ultimates – a hyper-charged version of your character which can be triggered after a certain amount of damage is done to relevant adversaries.

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That’s all we know about the weapons in Godfall right now, but we’re sure to keep updating this guide as more information about the action game when we have it. In the meantime, check out the best action-adventure games on PC to keep you occupied.