GOG gets ready for Star Wars Day with new games and discounted bundles

GOG Star Wars Day

It’s not Star Wars Day yet, but with May the 4th just around the corner, GOG’s kicking off its own celebration of Star Wars with discounts, digital premieres and new additions to the GOG library. 

That’s all great, but the absolute best Star Wars Day event happens in Edinburgh Zoo, where the penguins waddle around the zoo with the Imperial March accompanying them. Look at them! Adorable little Sith Lords.

Okay, enough penguins.

Here’s what GOG’s doing in celebration of Star Wars Day:

First off, there’s the digital premieres of Star Wars: Rebel Assault I and II, the on-rails FMV games that I remember being mind-blowing when I was a mite, but could very well be a bit shit. They might be worth a punt for the sake of nostalgia, though, and this is the first time they’ve been available digitally.

Then there’s the upgrade of X-Wing and TIE-Fighter, which is undoubtedly awesome. GOG’s added the superior CD-ROM version of the games, and it’s a free upgrade for existing customers, and new ones will receive these versions as well.

Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy are now in the store, and while they might not show off the destructive side of the force as well as Force Unleashed, they are much, much better games and probably feature the best lightsaber combat in any Star Wars game.

And finally, there are two massive bundles on offer, filled with discounted Star Wars games. The Blaster Bundle contains seven games, all 50 percent off, including X-Wing and TIE-Fighter and Rogue Squadron 3D. The Saber Bundle has 10 games, discounted by 70 percent, and inside you’ll find the Jedi Knight series, Knights of the Old Republic and its sequel and Star Wars Battlefront II, among others.

Both bundles will be sticking around until May 7th.