GOG launches another Insomnia sale, with a twist: Double Insomnia

The GOG Insomnia sale logo, which features two cartoony birds with a cup of coffee at night.

While everyone is paying attention to GDC news and announcements, GOG have launched their Double Insomnia sale, in which limited quantities of games are pitted against each other in a consumerist deathmatch for 96 hours. It is a very odd thing.

GOG’s insomnia sales are kind of like marathon flash sales. Limited quantities of games are put on sale and, once GOG sells-through whatever their allotment for that sale is, another game replaces it. It’s kind of the QVC approach to games sales and, with a Twitch livestream running for the duration of the sale, that analogy is more apt than ever before.

This year’s incarnation of the Insomnia sale divides games into two pools, old and new (seasoned and fresh, in GOG’s terms). They go on sale side by side, so you can choose between the new hotness or the proven classic. The main point here is GOG wants you to buy some cheap games WHILE SUPPLIES LAST. But if you miss a particularly sweet deal, there’s a chance it will come back later in the sale.

The are more than 150 games included in this promotion and, while I’m ambivalent about GOG’s naked efforts to to monopolize our attention, it’s probably worth checking in to GOG from time to time just in case a great deal hits. Personally, I’m holding out hope for some of the re-released Star Wars games to come my way, but Wasteland 2 is another game they’re promoting pretty heavily in this sale.

But if I miss my chance…

Puts on sunglasses.

…I won’t be losing any sleep over it.