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GOG untangle Darksiders, Saints Row and Metro: Last Light from their DRM


GOG are a little like fishermen, unpicking their nets. Or firemen, extricating human beings from fences. Or some other manual point of comparison that makes their digital job sound noble. The point being, they’ve become experts at freeing games not only from complicated licensing situations, but also the outdated verification systems they’re so often lumbered with.

This week’s beneficiaries are Darksiders 1 and 2, Saints Row 2 and 3, and Metro: Last Light Redux – all new to the GOG Store and going cheap until May 18th.

The 2014 remastering of Metro: Last Light is £8.59 on theGOG Store. Darksiders is £7.99; its sequel is £10.09, and attendant DLC £7.99. Saints Row 2 and 3 are £2.79 and £3.39 respectively.

“It’s not every day that we see major games like these, unchained from any forms of DRM,” bragged GOG VP of business development Oleg Klapovsky. “With today’s big-name DRM-free releases, and the impending The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt premiere, we anticipate even more major titles to follow suit.”

The last week at GOG has seen three Star Trek games go digital for the first time, and Steam competitor GOG Galaxy go into open beta. The downloadable client is optional, but will launch with 1,000 games and include features like automatic updates and achievements. Have any of you lot given it a go(g)?