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A Golden Wake: gangsters, greed and… real estate

A Golden Wake

Grundislav Games has teamed up with Wadjet Eye to release A Golden Wake, a point and click adventure about a fella whose greed gets the better of him. It starts in the Roaring ‘20s, Miami, so expect jazz, snappy dressing, nice beaches and… real estate intrigue. 

Protagonist Alfie Banks is trying to get rich quick by getting into real estate development, but with the mob and the impending Great Depression just ahead of him. 

“Having grown up in Miami, I wanted to tell the story of an era that’s usually depicted in New York or Chicago,” says designer Francisco Gonzalez. “Miami’s land boom and bust during the 1920s and 1930s represents a fascinating slice of our recent history, and I was able to incorporate a lot of real people and events into the narrative of this everyman going after the American Dream.”

While it looks like an old Sierra adventure game, there are some interesting twists, like the need to analyse other characters so they can be persuaded and manipulated.

This is Francisco Gonzalez’s first commercial project, but he spent eight years on his freeware adventure series, Ben Jordan: Paranormal Investigator, which he designed using AGS. You can still grab themhere.

A Golden Wake is out in Q3 of this year, and sounds like it might be worth keeping an eye on.