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Google have launched their own holiday-themed battle royale

Google Snowball Storm

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds might be in full release now, but the real hot title in the battle royale genre now is, without a doubt, Google’s Snowball Storm. The in-browser game is new on the company’s Santa Tracker site today.

Here’s what in store for the future of PUBG.

Akin to many other battle royale games, Snowball Storm starts with players parachuting onto an enormous iceberg. The twee theme, however, means that it’s all slightly less deadly than PUBG. Once you land, you throw snowballs at other players to ‘kill’ them, gaining points as you go.

The blue circle is replaced by the melting edges of the iceberg, in what is inevitably a cutting remark on the perils of global warming, while supply crates are replaced by presents, giving you empowered snowballs for a short period of time. It’s perhaps not the most brazen PUBG copycat, but it’s definitely the cutest I’ve seen so far.