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You can now get quick-hit PCGamesN content through Google’s Web Stories

Wherever you get your gaming news, we'll be there

We know you don’t always have time to sit down and read an entire news story – trust us, we’ve got stats on how long people actually spend looking at these posts – but Google’s new Web Story initiative is aimed at getting you the news in the quickest way possible, formatted like social media. We’re one of Google’s partners on this rollout, and that means you can already read a host of PCGamesN content via Web Stories.

You’ll find Web Stories as part of the front-page Discover feed on the mobile Google app. Web Stories populate in a carousel at the top of the page, filled with visually-driven content from PCGamesN and other outlets. Web Stories have currently rolled out only in the United States, India, and Brazil, but will be expanding to other countries – and other Google products – soon.

You can get a preview of what Web Stories look like at our PCGamesN hub. Each story scrolls by with a bit of text and video to tell the story and illustrate it all at once in a handful of slides. It’s all the news and guide content you’ve come to know from us, but now in an even easier-to-digest form.

Our friends and Network N colleagues at The Loadout and Pocket Tactics are also part of the initiative, so do give them a look, as well.

PCGamesN is expanding everywhere you get your gaming news, from Google’s Web Stories to the Steam News Hub. Look forward to our incoming debut at your bedroom window. (Just kidding! …unless you’re making gaming news in there.)