You can now read PCGamesN on Steam’s News Hub

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October 14, 2020 Steam has added a lovely new Follow button to our News Hub page.

For years, Steam has posted stories from a handful of gaming news outlets to individual game pages in your library. Your potential Steam news sources are about to expand dramatically with the launch of the Steam News Hub, which will let you build a custom feed of gaming and tech news directly through Steam.

The Steam News Hub is “nearing completion”, Valve says, and is now live as part of Steam Labs Experiment 009. You can select sources to populate a custom news hub on Steam. The system is built on top of the curator system, so any curators you follow attached to major game sites will automatically populate your new news hub. Of course, you can separately choose which news sources to follow or unfollow.

This launch features a limited selection of news outlets – including your friends here at PCGamesN – across seven languages, and there are “more to come”. If you really need your up-to-the-second news, you can also opt-in for email and mobile alerts.

You can start browsing the Steam News Hub here.

Steam has added a nice new, blue ‘Follow’ button to our News Hub, so you’ll never have to miss a story again. All you’ve got to do is click!

If you want to stay current on the hottest upcoming PC games, you can follow that link – or just start following us over on Steam.