Steam sale marks Dark Knight’s birthday with the best Batman games

A Steam sale celebrating the mysterious billionaire Bruce Wayne's birthday has slashed the cost of some of the best Batman games; from Arkham to Gotham Knights.

Steam sale marks Dark Knight's birthday with the best Batman games: A photo of Batman, a superhero wearing black armour and a black cape with a batlike mask on, standing over a moonlit city in the rain

If you’re a lover of Batman games and all those things that go bump in the night, then Steam’s latest sale has you covered. In order to celebrate the birthday of mysterious billionaire turned crime fighter Bruce Wayne, Valve’s virtual storefront has slashed the prices of the iconic Arkham games, as well as relative newcomer Gotham Knights.

First up are, of course, the Arkham games; the games that defined my childhood and, in many ways, inspired the career I have today. You can pick up the entire bundle for 85% off, with 75% off of Arkham Asylum, City and Origins, while Knight is 80% off. A steal? Absolutely, but maybe don’t tell Batman that.

Next up is Injustice 2, which is 90% off and available for a paltry $4.99 / £3.99. The Legendary edition featuring all of the characters is 85% off (so $8.99 / £7.45) and the Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition that features even more characters is 75% off. Several different DLC bundles have also been reduced, too.

In a similar action-adventure vein, Warner Bros. Montreal’s Gotham Knights is 55% off, making the base game $26.99 / £22.49 and the deluxe edition $35.99 / £31.49. The Visionary pack is also half price at $12.49 / £9.99, and offers a range of cosmetics for the Bat family to deck themselves out in.

Finally (yes, there’s even more), we have the Lego Batman games – cult classics that are perfect for introducing kids to the grimdark world of DC’s fan-favourite vigilante. You can get all three games for just $4.99 / £2.99, with a whole host of DLC packs up for grabs, too.

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There’s a lot to love about this sale, but in my opinion the Arkham games are an absolute steal. Gritty, lore-accurate, and absolutely gorgeous, they’re ‘bucket list’ games that I’d encourage you to try.

Of the more modern contingent, though, Gotham Knights still somewhat draws my eye – especially because graphically it looks gorgeous. If, like me, the Gotham Knights review scores put you off a little, now’s maybe the time to snatch it up.

The Steam Batman games sale ends on February 20, so you’ve only got a few days to pick up these absolute gems. On the Marvel side of things (I know, I said the dreaded word), 2K strategy game Midnight Suns is free this weekend, and given our rave Midnight Suns review it may be worth taking that for a spin, too.

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