GTA Trilogy gets mysterious Steam updates ahead of Epic release

Following the GTA trilogy's Definitive Edition launch on Steam, Rockstar appears to be planning a new update for the sandbox games ahead their Epic Games debut.

GTA Trilogy gets mysterious Steam updates ahead of Epic release: A tanned cartoon woman with long black hair holds a cocktail in a triangular glass wearing a white bikini looking over her shoulder her face obscured by her hair

Despite the GTA trilogy’s Definitive Edition finally making it onto Steam, the amount of bugs and glitches have left Rockstar’s classic sandbox game series in a rough spot. Thankfully, it looks like the developer has added some new updates to each of the three Grand Theft Auto games, potentially heralding some fixes.

Following the games being uploaded to Steam, SteamDB notes that there has been a slew of changes on January 26 and January 27 across all three games. While none of these go into any detail, there are enough of them to raise an eyebrow.

There’s several different theories about what these could be, but there’s nothing concrete at the moment. Some have speculated that these may be small fixes that Rockstar wants to implement before porting the Definitive Edition over to the Epic Games Store, which is set to happen at the end of January. Given it’s January 27, there’s not long left, so Rockstar may be priming the game ahead of an imminent Epic release. In my opinion, this is probably the most likely option.

What I would prefer, though, is a major update that goes in and cleans up the digital vices running rampant throughout the aptly named Vice City. Upon release the Definitive Edition was marred by some particularly game-breaking bugs, leading modders to re-release it correctly as an add-on.

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Since dropping on Steam it’s only garnered a thousand or so players and remains full of issues; issues many hoped would be solved with the Steam port. Potentially Rockstar could be cleaning these up in the background, but given major updates have failed to really fix the game in the past, I wouldn’t get my hopes up – especially because San Andreas is still an absolute mess; c’mon guys, I just want the characters to look, well, human.

While we wait for the GTA 6 release date – or literally any information on the game – it’s worth keeping an eye on SteamDB to see how Rockstar’s updates play out. If they fail to meet expectations (colour me pessimistic, I know) they we have a list of all of the best old games to help tickle that nostalgia.