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GTA Definitive Edition has less than 1,500 Steam players, still buggy

GTA Definitive Edition has launched for Steam and Steam Deck, but the Rockstar sandbox game is struggling to find players as its original bugs still remain.

GTA Definitive Edition has less than 1,500 Steam players, still buggy. A man in a leather jacket, Claude from GTA 3, fires a flamethrower

Rockstar launching GTA Definitive Edition on Steam felt like a chance to give the sandbox game collection a new lease of life, a second wind. Despite a 50% discount however, the remasters of GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andreas are struggling to find a substantive player base on Valve’s platform, as many of the bugs and visual issues that hampered the original launch of Definitive Edition remain in the re-release. If you want more Grand Theft Auto, you may just want to wait until the GTA 6 release date.

As of this writing, less than 24 hours since GTA Definitive Edition hit Steam, the remaster of GTA 3 has just 363 players, the peak amount so far, according to figures from Steam DB. Vice City has a peak player count of 484, with San Andreas proving the most popular game in the bundle with 589 players. Across all three games, GTA Definitive Edition has seen 1,436 players since launching on Steam, despite being available for half price.

After launching in November 2021, GTA Definitive Edition received its first big patch in March 2022, with another following seven months later in October. Despite these updates, various issues have remained including gameplay bugs, problems with collision and physics, and visual issues.

The Steam re-release of GTA Definitive Edition is based on the same build previously available via the Rockstar Games Launcher. No further patch has been released by Rockstar, meaning that many of the issues previously present in the game still remain. GTA Definitive Edition is also scheduled to release on the Epic Games Store later in January, though no exact date has been given.

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