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GTA: San Andreas horror game turns Rockstar’s Grove Street into FNAF

A GTA: San Andreas horror game turns Rockstar’s Grove Street into FNAF and Steam hit I’m On Observation Duty, a creepy distraction before the GTA 6 release date

GTA: San Andreas horror game turns Rockstar’s Grove Street into FNAF: A Grove Street gangster in green plaid from San Andreas stares ominously at a CCTV camera

A new GTA: San Andreas horror game transforms Rockstar’s iconic Grove Street into FNAF and Steam indie hit I’m On Observation Duty, making it a neat, creepy distraction for Grand Theft Auto fans as we wait on the GTA 6 release date.

Grove Street 404 by Piotr Rycabel seems innocent, if a little strange, at first. As a kind of software engineer and QA tester, your job is to monitor a bank of CCTV cameras placed around the titular Grand Theft Auto cul-de-sac and report anything unusual. If you see an object that wasn’t there before, file a report. If something has disappeared or been moved, report. The instant messenger in the bottom of the screen features a back-and-forth between one of your colleagues and the administrator – as the game goes on, their conversation, and Grove Street itself, get progressively weirder and more frightening.

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See, as well as monitoring for moving objects, you also need to keep an eye out for “intruder entities”. As you nervously observe the Grove Street goings-on, reality itself seems to start breaking down, with assets, textures, and character models glitching in and out of existence, and seemingly threatening the sanity of your character. We won’t spoil anything, but keep a watchful eye for Big Smoke. He’s out there, and he wants…something.

Grove Street 404 is a fantastic homage not only to San Andreas, and one of the fan-favourite locations from Grand Theft Auto, but Five Nights at Freddy’s and the similarly-structured I’m On Observation Duty. You can play it for free over at Itch.

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