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GTA 5’s latest craze is roasting Franklin

Franklin Clinton is having a tough time of it. For the past few weeks, GTA 5 players have been taking a scene where he gets roasted by Lamar and chopping and changing it in various ways (thanks, RPS). Regardless of what changes the result is the same: Franklin getting totally mugged off.

At this point, Franklin has been roasted by Optimus Prime, Harry Potter, and a PlayStation 5. The videos typically involve people replacing Lemar’s character model with something and then subbing in some dialogue. A personal favourite of mine involves Woody from Toy Story giving Franklin a talking to before crumbling into a heap on the ground after someone yells that Andy is on the way.

Others have done things differently, though! Someone just modded in 99 more Lemars, which gets a bit tricky as far as available space goes but it does mean Franklin gets 99% more roasted. One creative soul even redid the whole thing in Minecraft, whereas someone else gave it the demake treatment – T-poses and all.

You can catch oodles of them on YouTube, alongside some compilations, but here are some of my favourites I haven’t mentioned. Starting off, we have Skyrim’s guard, who once took an arrow to the knee.

YouTube Thumbnail

All these videos can get a bit tense, so here’s Yakuza’s Kiryu singing a wee song.

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If you’re looking to hop online to avoid the silliness, the GTA Online weekly update has arrived, so you can get yourself a Volkswagen Type 1 ‘Beetle’ or rack up some dosh.