GTA Online’s weekly update brings the Weevil to stores in Los Santos


Now that 2021 is upon us we’re back to getting the GTA Online weekly update on a Thursday – thank goodness. As is tradition, the busy citizens of Los Santos have dipped into the online game to see what’s new ahead of Rockstar’s newswire post, which usually comes later in the day.

If you’ve not unlocked the Weevil car yet, you can now purchase it. Previously you could only get it by completing the heists and then finishing up three missions given to you by English Dave. If its name hasn’t given it away, the Weevil is based on the Volkswagen Type 1 ‘Beetle’ – so it’s a wee tiny thing that’s perhaps not suitable for racing.

If you’re looking to raise some more funds to purchase your Beetle, Motor Wars modes are dishing out triple rewards alongside air races. You can also get double rewards from hauling air freight cargo. If you’re looking for something to spend your hard-earned millions on you’ll find 30% off hangers and 40% off the Visione, Cyclone, and Havok.

This week’s GTA 5 podium car is the Paragon R if you fancy trying your luck on the wheel in the Diamond Casino. If you want to see a full list of what’s on offer this week, you can catch it on Reddit or down below:

If you want to play around with some GTA 5 mods offline to do something different, you can find a few of our favourites through that link.