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Grand Theft Auto V mod takes us to a next-gen Vice City

GTA V Vice City mod

It doesn’t matter how great the most recent GTA game is, players always seem to have a very special, permanent place in their hearts for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The 2002-released game is looking a bit rocky these days, so it’s no wonder that there’s already a mod in development that puts 80s Miami in GTA V. 

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The mod is currently in production so not available to download just yet, but the video above gives you a good look at how much progress has already been made. The islands are all there, and the tour around the world (in a hot-pink convertible, no less) brings back an awful lot of memories. The burning, setting sun only adds to that authentic Vice City atmosphere. 

Right now there’s no population, making the mod look more like an empty film set than a living world, but by the time work has concluded I’m sure this will be one of GTA V’s most popular mods. 

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Selarek avatarDog Pants avatar
Selarek Avatar
Selarek(1 day 19 hours played)
2 Years ago

I heard using MODs is getting ppl banned, is it true?

Dog Pants Avatar
2 Years ago

Great work on the pastel palette, although it looks a bit grey. It's also missing the fantastic soundtrack, which I suspect they're unlikely to add due to licensing issues. If only I could hook it up to Spotify and cut in those brilliant radio sequences.