Puncture a lung with GTA V’s realistic damage mod


A new mod for Grand Theft Auto V adds a realistic damage system to the game, meaning you can puncture a lung, suffer from internal bleeding, and even experience nerve damage.

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Modder SH42913’s Gunshot Wound mod (via PC Gamer) adds a wound and bleeding system to GTA V to “make it more realistic and hardcore.” When you are damaged the mod can identify which body part has been damaged, and what weapon inflicted it. Different types and levels of damage lead to different bleeding and wounds. For example, if you are hit by a bullet in the shoulder, and it flies through you, you will be left with superficial bleeding and only minor bleeding. However, if a bullet hits you in a vital organ, like a lung, it is a deadly wound.

A deadly wound triggers a death-timer. If you don’t heal before the timer runs out then you will die. This is made much more difficult by the “drunk camera” which is also activated – making your movements slow and dizzying.

Grand Theft Auto V

There are five levels of wounds and bleeding:

  • None
  • Light
  • Medium
  • Heavy

Luckily, if you are wounded, you can attempt to call an ambulance for assistance. When a medic arrives, you must remain close to them until you are healed. However, medics cannot heal deadly wounds or damaged nerves, legs, or arms.

FInd out how to download the realistic damage mod here.