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Fight tanks with your ki in this GTA V DragonBall mod


If the recent release of DragonBall FighterZ has got you eager to unleash your destructive ki on the unsuspecting residents of a Los Angeles analogue – and why wouldn’t it – then it’s your lucky day. GTA V mod team JulioNIB have released a script for Quchus13’s Goku model that, much like Master Roshi, finally gives him all his crazy powers.

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The script enables Goku to fly, teleport, change between a few of his transformations, to pick up and throw practically anything (including helicopters and people), and grants him a few of his powers – including the iconic Kamehameha. Check out the mayhem in the video above.

The script is now available to download via JulioNIB’s Patreon. You can grab the Goku model here.