GTA 5 players create loving tribute to Forza and rally star Ken Block

GTA 5 players have filmed a tribute to Forza, Need for Speed, and Dirt star Ken Block, using the Rockstar sandbox game to pay respects to the late rally driver

GTA 5 players create loving tribute to Forza and rally star Ken Block. Forza, Dirt, and Need for Speed star, the rally driver Ken Block

GTA 5 is a vast open world allowing you to commit crimes, battle it out with rival gangs of players, and do whatever nefarious needs you may desire. But some players of the Rockstar sandbox game have different ideas, using the many cars of Grand Theft Auto 5 and the bustling streets of Los Santos to pay tribute to Ken Block, the rally driver and star of games such as Need for Speed, Forza Horizon, and Dirt, who tragically passed away on January 2.

As well as his rally career and appearances in various racing games, Block was also known for his YouTube channel, where he created videos exhibiting gymkhana, a highly advanced style of driving involving burnouts, drifts, and complex, physics-defying stunts. ‘Gymkhana Seven,’ released in 2014, features Block performing his trademark, remarkable feats of driving on the streets of Los Angeles. Paying homage to his life and career, a group of GTA 5 players has recreated some of the moments from Gymkhana Seven inside the open-world game.

Posted by Redditor ‘xz_VyRus,’ the video is simply titled “a tribute to Ken Block made by my car meet group.” Using vehicle with similar designs and liveries to Block’s signature ‘Hoonigans’ cars, the group recreates some of the choice stunts from Gymkhana Seven, like 360-degree spins along the concrete Los Angeles riverbed and driving underneath the front end of car which is bouncing up and down on hydraulics.

A tribute to Ken Block made by my car meet group💔… from gtaonline

“I am definitely having a happy cry with this,” responds one fan. “This is wonderful and more than a fitting for a great man. May Ken rest in peace.” “Ken is smiling right now seeing all his fans come together,” says another, with a third fan adding “this is a great tribute. Well done to all involved.”

It’s a detailed and extremely professionally made homage to the late motor racer, who also participated in extreme sports such as skateboarding and snowboarding, and founded the skate shoe brand DC Shoes. Achieving a number of wins across Rally America and the World Rallycross Championship, Ken Block passed away following a snowmobiling accident in Wasatch County, Utah. He was 55 years old.