GTA Online cheat seller shuts down after “discussions” with Take-Two Interactive

"We apologise for any and all problems our software has caused to the Grand Theft Auto Online community."

Another one of GTA Online‘s cheat sellers has been shut down. Luna Cheats explains on its website that the decision was taken following talks with Rockstar’s parent company Take-Two Interactive.

“After discussions with Take-Two Interactive, we are immediately ceasing all maintenance, development, and distribution of our cheat menu services,” the statement reads. “We will also be donating our proceeds to a charity designated by Take-Two. We apologise for any and all problems our software has caused to the Grand Theft Auto Online community.”

We checked several third-party sellers, and found that there was no longer any mention of Luna Cheats there, either. While the website is now more or less offline, though, there are still videos online advertising its services. From what we’ve seen, Luna Cheats’ mod menu includes many of the cheats you’ve likely seen on Reddit. Users could enter god mode, turn invisible, adjust their height, and more. The mod menu also allowed players to grief others by blowing them up, kicking them from the lobby, or launching their vehicle into the sky. Even if you tried to report someone using the mod menu, they could block it and crash your game.

This isn’t the first time Take-Two Interactive has managed to shut down a mod menu. In 2019, Take-Two filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against the creators of another mod menu called Evolve, and in 2017, the publisher managed to shut three down with cease and desist requests.

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Since Red Dead Online has come to PC, however, similar issues have surfaced. Last year we looked into how GTA Online cheats were reappearing in the Wild West. Mod menu creators found a way to spawn in treasure chests that could lead to innocent players being banned, and later in the year we found that streamers were being harassed and knocked offline by other mod menu users.