Rockstar release star-studded album of GTA 5-inspired music, “Welcome to Los Santos”

The cover art for Welcome to Los Santos

Grand Theft Auto has long been associated with music. Long before the series was a blockbuster franchise, the in-car radios were renowned for their surprisingly excellent music mixes. But ever since Vice City, GTA and music have had a symbiotic relationship. The music of GTA is always cool and well-chosen, and the musicians involved get a spot on a massively popular soundtrack

For GTA V, however, well-known DJ The Alchemist and rapper Oh No have revisited the original score for the game (which they created along with producer Woody Jackson and Tangerine Dream) and released a collaboration album based around GTA V.

The Alchemist and Oh No put together an eclectic all-star lineup for the new album, Welcome to Lost Santos. Tunde Adebimpe, Phantogram, MNDR, E-40, and Ariel Pink all contributed tracks to the album, among others.

Rockstar released a video that features several of the artists discussing the project and their relationship to GTA.

You can find Welcome to Los Santos for sale on iTunes, CD, and vinyl.