Take-Two, publisher of Firaxis, Gearbox and other developers, will be at E3 in a “big way”

Take Two E3

Take Two, the parent company of both Rockstar and 2K, therefore masters of GTA, Borderlands and Civilization, have revealed they will be at E3 “in a big way” via CEO Strauss Zelnick speaking in the latest issue of industry magazine MCV. They haven’t had their own conference before, and it would be unlikely they would start now, but there is suspiciously little announced from their studios currently.

What might we soon be adding to the bumper list of upcoming PC games?

Here’s what Take-Two currently have in the pipe:

  • Battleborn, Gearbox’s MOBA-shooter hybrid that actually has single-player. Scheduled for May 3rd.
  • Civilization Revolution 2 Plus, a Vita port of one of the Civ spin-offs, and Firaxis’ only currently confirmed in-development title. Out this quarter.
  • Mafia 3, certainly the biggest of their franchises currently getting support, with a release date of this year planned.
  • Already-announced DLC for XCOM 2, and the continued development of GTA Online.

That leaves a lot of companies under their header currently idle or, slightly more likely, working away in secret. Firaxis have no big games currently announced, even if we are less than a month from XCOM 2’s big release. Another Civ expansion or edition seems likely, depending on whether moving back to Earth for a Civ 6 or continuing the development of Beyond Earth is more financially viable – the space based version never seems to have taken off in the same way as its predecessors.

There’s the big question of Rockstar, of course. While they’ve managed to stay relevant through re-releases of GTA V and constant support for the online version, it is now two and a half years since work was complete on the last, new single-player content they released. Unless they’ve fired all their writing and campaign staff, those folks have been getting on with something, even with rumours that any planned DLC for GTA V was scrapped. Red Dead Redemption, Bully and their usual gangster simulator will all be at the top of people’s want list.

There’s also the recent rumour of a HD pack of all three Bioshock games, which I doubt is all they have planned for that IP – people were convinced the original XCOM 2 reveal was a new Bioshock, and they’ll want to capitalise before it drops out of the zeitgeist entirely. Zelnick also confirmed last year that, while four-on-one monster hunter Evolve may have died out in players, its sales indicated it should remain a ‘permanent franchise.’

What would you like to see from Rockstar, Firaxis, Gearbox et al?

Thanks, VG.