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Gray Zone Warfare Leave No Man Behind guide

If you want to progress in Gray Zone Warfare, you will need to know how to complete the Leave No Man Behind quest and track the body.

Gray Zone Warfare: a soldier sits inside a helicopter during the Leave No Man Behind quest

How do you complete the Gray Zone Warfare Leave No Man Behind task? In this mission you’re tasked with finding a person that has been killed near the Town Hall and leaving a tracker on their body. Ominous, right? It can be difficult to find, so if you’re having struggles we’ve got all the information on the location and how to complete this quest.

Gray Zone Warfare is in early access with many updates and fixes yet to be deployed. If you’re struggling with performance, check out our Gray Zone Warfare system requirements article to make sure your gear is up to the job, or hear what the developer has to say on performance tips for its new game. Now, make sure you’ve got a tracker in your inventory (Gunny sells them for $50), and let’s find that body.

The map of the body location in Gray Zone Warfare Leave No Man Behind

Gray Zone Warfare Leave No Man Behind body location

The body can be located by following a path at the back of the Town Hall, past a small shack and in a narrow alleyway.

To find the body, head to the right of the Town Hall and join the dirt path at the back of the building, heading right still. The path will stop in a corner, follow the brick walled bridge over a small ditch, and head behind the steel shack.

If you’re unsure whether you’re on the right track, look for bloodstains and bullet holes in the walls of the buildings on your route.

The body in the Gray Zone Warfare Leave No Man Behind quest

To complete the quest successfully, find the body behind the steel shack and drop a tracker on it. You can also head through the furniture store front from the main street to reach the corpse. This will finish the Leave No Man Behind task. Note that our map may be oriented differently as we’re in Crimson Steel and it varies per faction, but the steps should remain the same.

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