Gremlins Inc. gambles with steampunk politics in new Early Access digital board game

Gremlins Inc

The steampunk style is ideal for games with lots of beautiful art, and that’s exactly what you get with Gremlins Inc. A turn-based strategy board game for PC, it’s got over one hundred playing cards and an intricate play board drawn in loving, brass-cog beauty.

A game of politics, Gremlins Inc. sees corrupt capitalist gremlins compete with each other for money, power, and prestige. Running in elections, bribing, gambling, earning (or stealing) resources, and having your enemies sent to the slammer are all part of your journey to capitalist success. The game is played out using a complex board and a deck of 150 cards.

Designed for short play sessions (between 30 minutes and an hour), Gremlins Inc looks like a real passion project, with the potential for a solid variety of approaches. It’s coming to Steam Early Access this September.

If gremlins just sound too preposterous to you, but board games on a PC make total sense, then the more realistic WW2-setHeroes of Normandie may appeal. It’s about real men, in a real war, with real guns.