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Armored Core and XCOM combine in upcoming WW2 RTS game

If you're a fan of XCOM's tactics and Armored Core's powerful mechs, the WW2 RTS Grit and Valor 1949 could be your next must-have game.

A mech in Grit and Valor 1949

What do you get if you combine the strategy and tactics of XCOM with the devastatingly powerful mechs of Armored Core 6? Well, it might look a little bit like Grit and Valor 1949, an upcoming RTS and roguelite game from developer Milky Tea Studios that puts a dieselpunk spin on World War 2.

Set in an alternate reality Europe, Grit and Valor 1949 tasks players with escorting an EMP device into Machine Towers, the headquarters of the game’s Evil Axis forces, to stop their mech production. The RTS game will feature several regions and multiple levels to complete, as you fend off waves of enemies and defend the EMP device from destruction.

But of course, we know the main reason you’re here: the mechs. You’ll take a squad of them into each level, and upon completion, be able to choose upgrades, powers, and pilot abilities to give yourself the edge in your next battle. As a roguelite, every battle in Grit and Valor 1949 will be different, so there should be plenty of replay value, too.

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Unfortunately, there’s going to be a bit of a wait before we can try this one out, as it’s currently got a rather vague launch window of 2025. Let’s hope it’s sooner rather than later. You can wishlist the game here.

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