Grow Home sequel Grow Up release date set for August 16

Grow Up

Grow Home is just lovely and you should play it if you haven’t already. Guiding a flimsy robot called BUD, you have to sprout organic growths from the surface of the planet, crisscrossing them to reach your mothership through the atmosphere above. Its sequel, Grow Up, is out next month.

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One of the greatest things about Grow Home was its climbing system. Each of your controller’s triggers handles a limb, and you alternate between them to scramble up the vines, or even to grab on to a lower ledge when you eventually lose your footing and hurtle towards the distant ground.

The further you got in, the more it opened up, and you could eventually make riskier jumps and glide across huge gaps, judging the distance just right so you can cling onto a far-away structure. It’s just great.

Grow Up – again made by the talented small team at Ubisoft Reflections – will expand on this, asking BUD to navigate a new open-world to track down the pieces of his lost spacecraft.

“Along with a new flying companion named POD, BUD will have access to his Floradex 3000, a device that enables him to clone the game’s 24 distinct plant species that will ultimately help him bounce, shoot and catapult all the way to the moon,” says the Ubi Blog post.

Grow Up is out on August 16.