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GTA San Andreas speedrun world record beaten by almost an hour

Twitch streamer smashes GTA: San Andreas speedrun world record, demolishing Los Santos as we continuing waiting for the GTA 6 release date reveal

While we all wait around for GTA 6, one Twitch streamer passes the time by getting 100% in Rockstar’s open-world crime sim San Andreas in less than 12 hours.

GTA: San Andreas is enormous. Even compared to GTA Online, which after nearly ten years is still receiving updates and add-ons, Rockstar’s original jaunt to Los Santos is sprawling and vast, with hidden missions, secret jumps and myriad collectibles like horseshoes and graffiti tags. Nevertheless, one Twitch streamer, a Danish GTA expert named Crucial1357, has managed to beat the entire game, all the way to 100% completion, in a new-record time of 11 hours, 25 minutes and 21 seconds, smashing the previous official record (12 hours and eight minutes, as listed on Speedrun.com) by almost a full hour and topping his own personal best time of 11 hours, 40 minutes.

Putting that into perspective, obtaining 100% in GTA: San Andreas requires that you complete all the story missions; all the asset missions like the quarry, the courier service and those awful ones with the remote-controlled planes; win all the street races; pass all the vehicle schools and challenges; reach the top level in all the emergency services missions; deliver all the cars to the export dock; get the highest scores at the gun ranges; buy all the houses, all the hotel suites; learn every move in the gym; take 50 photos, find 50 oysters, collect 100 horseshoes, spray 100 graffiti tags; and, perhaps most challenging of all, find and maintain a loving relationship.


There are of course shortcuts. Any San Andreas speedrunner worth their salt, for example, knows that if you blow up Ryder’s car at the start of the second mission, you can instantly restart it and then skip the lengthy dialogue about CJ’s haircut outside Reece’s barbershop, saving you about 20 seconds. There is also a method, involving an intensely complex series of glitches and code manipulations, that allows you to finish the whole game (though not 100%) in less than 15 minutes – and if you think that’s impressive, a similar trick can be used to beat GTA: Vice City in a staggeringly tiny eight minutes.

But Crucial1357 has done it the long way around and still managed to set a record that will likely take months, perhaps years, to surpass. If you want to check it out for yourself, the entire run has now been uploaded to their  YouTube channel.

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