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GTA V PC release prospects become less distant with Rockstar job listing


If GTA’s PC contingent all upped sticks and set up shop in one of those thematically-named frontier towns in a John Ford film, it wouldn’t be called Hope. Instead, we’d be riding into Dejection.

By all accounts, GTA V isn’t coming to PC in time for it September 17 console due date. So if there’s even the faintest outline of a suggestion that Rockstar are mulling it over, making the right hires, then I think we’ll take that.

Rockstar Leeds recently posted a job listing for a graphics programmer “passionate about PC gaming”. Their role would see them help port the publisher’s “latest titles” to PC.

“Rockstar Leeds are currently looking for a talented graphics programmer to help bring our latest titles to the PC platform,” reads the ad. “Working together with the other Rockstar studios, you will be responsible for maintaining the studio’s uncompromising quality bar, delivering the highest quality PC experience possible.”

Could “other Rockstar studios” mean the Edinburgh-based Rockstar North? Maybe so. The Leeds outfit have previously been responsible for adapting the GTA series to handheld devices, and in 2011 worked on LA Noire’s slightly wonky PC version.

Will you be joining us for the traditional GTA PC stakeout? Or will you ride the console zeitgeist, given the option?

Thanks, PC Gamer.

Oh, by the way – there’s a new trailer coming this afternoon. We’ll be all over it like the Housers on any platform but ours.