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Guild Wars 2’s End of Dragons beta lets you try the MMO’s new siege turtle mount

You'll also be able to try all nine of the new elite specialisations in Guild Wars 2's upcoming End of Dragons expansions

Guild Wars 2's new siege turtle mount

Guild Wars 2 is getting another open beta for its upcoming End of Dragons expansion today. The fourth beta is set to run until December 4, and features the new siege turtle mount and all nine of the new elite specialisations while the latest beta’s on.

We’re quite taken with the giant turtle ourselves. While mounts get you where you need to go swiftly, there are fewer things more joyful than taking up most of the room with a giant mount you’re keen to show off. The siege turtle fits that bill nicely, we think. Once you raise it from a hatchling, you can outfit your giant turtle with jade cannons and jump sets. This isn’t all for show either, as you can deal damage to foes by stomping on them from upon high. The mount can also carry two people, because giant siege turtles are best enjoyed with pals.

You’re also getting to try Guild Wars 2’s new elite specialisations. You’ve got the Willbender for the Guardian, the Vindicator for the Revenant, and many more.

If you’d like a quick recap on the new specialisations on offer, you can find a video from ArenaNet below:

YouTube Thumbnail

You can access the latest beta by logging in and creating a beta event character, then clicking on one of the empty character slots marked ‘beta’. Once you’re there, pick one of the new specialisations as the character’s profession.

You’ll start in the city of Lion’s Arch at level 80 with your elite specialisation, build, and gear equipped. From there, you’re free to explore the open world or try things like the Fractals of the Mists instanced group content, which you can start by visiting Fort Marriner. To summon the turtle mount, simply click the mount summon slot at the end of your skill bar.

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