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Guild Wars 2 players are fed up with mount skins hidden in loot boxes

guild wars 2 loot box mount skins

Guild Wars 2 released a new expansion with a big focus on mounts not long ago, and it’s living up to the “Fashion Wars” nickname with a host of new skins for your furry or scaly companion of choice. But the specifics of these skins, from their look to the way they’ve been rolled out in-game, have fired up some significant contention from the GW faithful.

31 new skins were released for the game’s mounts today, and it’s an expensive proposition to start collecting them. One of those is available for 2000 gems - which can be purchased for $25 USD - and the rest are available only in 400 gem loot boxes - $5 each.

Gems can be gotten with in-game gold in addition to real money, but it would take some significant effort to pull in the gold necessary to get a 1-in-30 shot at the skin you actually want. Plus, Guild Wars’ gem currency is tied to an exchange rate that fluctuates with demand, which means that the new interest in gems has made it more expensive to trade for them with gold.

But while some players are outraged at the cost of acquiring these skins, others are far more upset at their gaudy, garish appearance. We’re talking about massive, glowing, neon pink animals here, and it has players of a traditionally fashion forward MMO looking for an option to disable seeing others’ cosmetics.

The real crux of the issue is simply that it’s gotten more expensive to get items in the game over time, and bringing in the ever controversial randomness of loot boxes has just added fuel to the fire.

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5 Months ago

It's worth mentioning that it's not really "hidden" in rng boxes. It's not rng boxes with a chance to get a mount, it's rng boxes with 100% mounts but is rng in which one you'll get among the 30 possible skins (though it can't give you the same one twice).

It was basically designed, not to choose a skin and try to go for it (which is where rng is bad, and unfortunately also is the way a lot of ppl look at it) but to buy a ticket and get a surprise skin, all of them being nicer than base ones. But they should have foreseen that people would want to go for specific skins and view the rng as a waste even if each "failed" attempt is an unlocked nice skin. They should *at least* have let you choose which type of mount you want.

Secondly, the issue with the appearance is not really from the skins themselves, it's a player created issue and already existed with armors for exemple. Basically the new skins are all nice and can all look beautiful (as well as immersed in the game's world) with their base colors or good dye choices. The problem is that there will always be some players to fully dye them with a single bright/ugly color ... which is exactly what happened in the screenshot you took from reddit. If you own a game account, buy one or a few of those adoption contracts and take your own screenshot with better colors :)

Daevic Avatar
5 Months ago

Also you mention that gold is hard to get. Just farming mobs will not really get you anywhere fast but there are locations that help farm leather and sell for higher amounts of gold fast. I got 30g in about an hour.