Free games: Win the Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire Ultimate Edition worth £69.99!

You'll not only get the expansion but lots of goodies to boost your character and make them look great, too

Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire

It almost seems silly that Guild Wars 2 didn’t have mounts for the first five years of its life. What was developer ArenaNet thinking? Here we have a huge RPG, an MMO nonetheless, which when not about large-scale battles instead embraces silliness, indulging in the delights of the cute, the anthropomorphic, and the outright camp. Why would you not let the fans of this game ride around the world on huge white rabbits and overgrown fish?

Luckily, that was all corrected with the Path of Fire expansion, which was released for the game in 2017. It not only brought mounts to the game but also a new storyline, massive new maps, and elite specialisations. And now, Roller Beetle Racing is becoming a permanent event in the game a -racing challenge in which you ride giant insects that roll up into a ball.

Well worth a pop if you’re into Guild Wars 2 in any capacity. So that means you bought it, right? Alright, maybe you haven’t yet, don’t worry, we won’t tell. We will, however, be able to help you out. We’re giving away five Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire Ultimate Editions, which normally cost £69.99. Not bad, eh?

So what do you get with the Ultimate Edition? Good question. Glad you asked. You’ll not only get Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire and all of that sweet, sweet content that comes with it (including mounts!), you’ll also get a max-level boost, an additional character slot, an identity repair kit, a Sunspear outfit, a Lily of the Elon permanent pass, and 4000 gems (worth £42.50 alone).

Sounds good, right? Well, if you want to win one of the five codes we have for Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire Ultimate Editions you’ll need to enter our giveaway. You can do that via the widget below. Every action you complete is worth one entry into the giveaway, with the more actions you complete increasing your chances of winning.

Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire Ultimate Edition giveaway

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