We’ve got 10 copies of Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire Ultimate Edition to giveaway!

guild wars 2 path of fire giveaway

As you can tell from the latest trailer for Guild Wars 2, Tyria is in need of new heroes. Elder dragons blot out the sky and threaten the whole planet. Thank goodness we’ve ten codes for the Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire Ultimate Edition to giveaway.

The Path of Fire Ultimate Edition gets you access to the Guild Wars 2 base game and the latest expansion. It also gives you the ability to boost a character immediately to level 80 so you can take part in all the end-game content. You’ll also get the Spearmarshal’s Garb outfit for each character on your account, access to the Lily of the Elon riverboat casino, and 4,000 gems to throw around in the in-game stores.

All of this comes in time for you to take part in Daybreak, the first episode of the Living World’s fourth season, which brings with it new story quests and a raid wing for you to play through.

If all that’s not sold you on entering, I’ve two words for you: giant rabbits.

Yes, the Path of Fire expansion added five different kinds of mounts to Guild Wars 2: Raptors, Skimmers, Jackals, Griffons, and, most importantly, Springers. Each mount is armed with its own special ability. The Springer, being a great big bunny can leap high into the air. I don’t know how much this helps in your explorations of Tyria but it certainly lets you set yourself apart from other players as you bound across the landscape.

If you want to get in on this bunny action and try to win yourself one of our ten copies of the game then you’ll want to enter our giveaway using the widget below. Every action you complete is worth one entry into the giveaway, and the more actions you complete the more chance you’ll have of winning. We’ll also need your email address so we can send you a code upon winning – we won’t send you spam, we promise.

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Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire Ultimate Edition giveaway