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Guild Wars 2 raid The Key of Ahdashim launches next week with some shiny rewards

Guild Wars 2's new raid will offer some strong challenges and shiny rewards

Get ready to head back to the wilds of Tyria and take on the fire djinn Qadim with Guild Wars 2’s new raid, The Key of Ahdashim. The MMORPG’s seventh raid, which launches June 11, will bring a whole new adventure and set of rewards for players to enjoy, kicking off immediately after the events of the Mythwright Gambit raid.

The Key of Ahdashim will throw you straight into a steep challenge: Zommoros’ rival Qadim has invaded the djinn’s home city Ahdashim, looking to take its mythical power for himself and achieve total supremacy over all others. Players will need to prevent him succeeding – if Qadim previals, the city will be lost to corruption, and surviving djinn will be infected, along with the natural world beyond.

The task sounds tough, and Guild Wars 2’s group content is challenging – but it’s not without some sweet rewards. Players can assist the Mystic Forge Skritt in the hustling, metropolitan city Lion’s Arch to earn some new open world prizes. Plus, recover the special Condensed Ley-Line Essence items by besting Tyria’s bosses and you’ll gain some Shiny and Ultra Shiny skins for your weapons. So shiny! You won’t only get to slay Qadim – you’ll slay doing it.

You’ll have to get stuck in while you can, though – this open world activity is only available until June 25, after which time you’ll have to purchase the Essence from Exchange Operative in Lion’s Arch.

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If the game’s last raid is anything to go by, The Key of Ahdashim looks set to offer a story that will test and delight its over 15 million players in equal measure. The only question is whether it’ll be suitably Charr-ming. Asura’ll be alright.