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The Twisted Marionette returns to Guild Wars 2 next week

The fan-favourite boss and encounter are coming back from their long, dormant sleep very soon

Remember Twisted Marionette? The world boss is a fan favourite that Guild Wars 2 fans got to tackle a long time ago in the MMORPG’s Living World Season One – so, way back in 2014 – who is, as its name implies, a giant, stomping ‘creature’ made of nuts, bolts, and malice. Now, with some tweaks to bring the encounter into line with Guild Wars 2’s modern offerings, the boss and its encounter are coming back.

Twisted Marionette returns to Guild Wars 2 on July 14, and there’s a brand-new trailer giving us a peep at the refreshed encounter to take a look at, which we’ve included below. Fans who remember the original boss battle will recognise the angry, robot-like beastie they’ll recall, but naturally with some improvements and adjustments. It’s lain dormant in the game’s False River Valley since 2014, but it’s waking up very soon.

Still controlled by Scarlet Briar by enormous dangling chains and glowing green eyes and flanked by mechanical foes scattered across platforms that surround it, Twisted Marionette looks to be a furious boss to tackle for veteran and new players.

Here’s the new trailer for you to check out:

YouTube Thumbnail

The July 13 update will additionally bring the Legendary Armory to the game, which is essentially a new way for players to unlock and use their collection of Legendary swag. It’s accessed via the hero panel’s equipment tab in the game, and it’ll let players access all their Legendary gear across all of the characters on their account.

Both of these updates will be free for all Guild Wars players and roll into the live game next week. For the full rundown head to the game’s blog post at that link.