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ArenaNet to release API to Guild Wars 2 community for mobile tie-in app development


Between the wee-yoo’s controller and the Microsoft box SmartGlass app, E3 this year was so deeply engrossed in the second screen it had no idea what was going on with the first. So as ArenaNet revealed that Guild Wars 2 won’t have its own mobile app at release, scores of industry analysts will have been jostling to be the first to condemn the company to bankruptcy. What it will have, though, is an API to allow GW2’s community to make such an app themselves.

ArenaNet told Digital Gaudium: “We’ll be launching a robust app development program in conjunction with our community that should allow for the development of some truly spectacular GW2 app and website development.”

It’s a shrewd move from a company which knows its community will adopt whichever peripheral tools best help them enjoy Guild Wars, official source or no. Guild Wars 2’s release date is now less than a month away.