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Fancy dress: Guild Wars 2's Wardrobe System detailed

Guild Wars 2's Wardrobe System detailed

Guild Wars 2 has no dearth of exotic armours, from purely cosmetic items to adventuring gear that provides stat bonuses. The transmutation system meant that you could - at the cost of a transmutation stone - combine the stats of one item with the look of another.  But you actually had to have the items in your inventory, and it would forever take up space in your bank or bag if you intended to keep applying it every time you upgraded your gear.

An overhaul changes all of this with the introduction of the Wardrobe System, designed for all of Guild Wars fashionistas. From April 15th, a new tab will appear in the Hero Panel, one where the skin of every item you’ve unlocked has been gathered, waiting to be applied to a hideous piece of gear to make it look more presentable.  You don’t want to look like a vagrant if you’re invited to a charr tea party. 

You’ll still need to spend transmutation stones, but it’s not like they are particularly rare. All you’ll have to do is go to the tab, select the skin you want to use and then apply it to a piece of armour or a weapon.  The skins can be applied infinitely, and just for one transmutation charge, so you can always change back if you want. 

Skins are unlocked by equipping items, salvaging gear, right clicking on it or account binding it. If you have an item that has gone through skin progression, like a legendary weapon, you will unlock all of the skins in that direct line of progression. And you no longer have to worry about losing a skin through transmutation, since the original look of a piece of gear will be unlocked and added to the wardrobe. 

The skin unlocks and dyes will all be account bound, and you can take a look at every possible unlockable skin in the Wardrobe Storage Vault in the bank. 

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Runeclaw69 avatarTenClub avatar
Runeclaw69 Avatar
4 Years ago

Very good system and a great way to tease you into going into some special dungeons so you can get that special look for one of your characters.

I just hope that ArenaNet will bring back the time limited skins they had in the gem store before. I missed buying the Rox's quiver skin a few weeks ago, so it would be nice to get a new chance for that.

TenClub Avatar
4 Years ago

It's too bad that every new armor skin post launch has been a gem store item with a $10 cost attached. They haven't added any new armor skins that can be acquired just by doing a dungeon, etc. unless it's another backpack skin.

This is why I do not like MMO games that lack a monthly fee. They end up costing you more in the long run. I just don't see the sense in spending $10 on skins for my character. If they balanced this out with new armor skins you can get without the gem store it would've been fine.