Good Deals, Sept 7th: 30% off Sleeping dogs, Guild Wars 2 for less than £30, and three great point and clickers for less than £15


It’s Friday night and the party’s just getting started, assuming you party in the fiscally aware manner, partaking in deal hunting at the end of each week instead of going out for body shots.

First up we have the fantastic Guild Wars 2, which is currently topping the charts in ten countries. Now the standard retail would set you back £60. Though, from Sainsbury’s you can pick up a copy for a mere £34. Not so fast, with a little tip for, if you apply the code
“SEFIVEOFF” or “SESEPT5OFF” you can reduce that to £29.99.

Now, Green Man Gaming are still running their 25% off everything deal till Monday. That includes pre-orders and everything. Remember to add the code
GMG25-1BW0K-K1A3G to any purchase to take advantage of the offer. Though, if you’re buying Sleeping Dogs, you can get that knocked down by 30% if you use SDOGS-E1V8A-9R1HXinstead, dropping the price to £20. Unfortunately, those codes don’t stack.

Next up, peeing a little over Jeremy’s deal finding, Far Cry and Far Cry 2 bundle for just £5 over at Get Games. They’re also selling off most of the Total War games for pretty good savings: Shogun 2 for £7.50 and Fall of the Samurai, also for £7.50, stand out.

I’m just going to reel some off now and you listen close m’kay: Resonance for $5, Machinarium for $5, and the Blackwell bundle for $7.50, all at GOG wherethey’rehaving a point’n’click sale.

Moving on over to Gamers Gate we find that Batman: Arkham Asylum, which made Rocksteady’s name as the go to guys for heavyset, comic book themed, ultra violence, has been reduced to just £2.50. On top of that we have the collectors edition of Hearts of Iron III for £6.24. If you’ve ever wished to show Europe’s World War 2 figureheads how it should have been done then you should pick up a copy. Lastly, we have a game which has been on offer so many times I’d be surprised if you don’t have a copy. Though, if you don’t have a copy by now you absolutely must pick up Mirror’s Edge for aminuscule£4.30. It’s some of DICE’s best work, and it shows what Robert Briscoe was doing before rebuilding Dear Esther.

Okay, we’re into the home stretch now, Steam. This weekend’s deals are really pulling in the pretties. First, we have Crysis 2: Maximum Edition for £6.24. If your computer will run it, it’s worth a punt. Though, it’s an oddity of a game, all the time hinting at freedom yet it’s really quite hemmed in considering it’s predecessor. If puzzling is more your sort of thing then spurn the shooter for the luscious Trine collection. Both Trine and Trine 2 can be bought together for less than £4.

Happy gaming and we’ll be bringing you more deals next week.